Corporate Alliance

R. W. Benwick Associates is a ready partner in supporting the administration of your organization's coaching initiative. We are perfectly positioned to assist your organization in off-loading continuous and costly decisions related to addressing highly delicate and confidential internal coaching needs, the determination of coach qualifications, critical coach-client matching, coaching feedback system development, assuring confidentiality, managing a diversity of key corporate clients and assigned individual coaches, minimizing related coaching administration expenses and processing of multiple coach billings.

We create a powerful alliance with your internal corporate coaching sponsor, working together to assess the success of the coaching initiative.   

R. W. Benwick Associates has a track record of handling external coaching requirements for every size organization - from multi-billion dollar enterprises and public sector organizations to small, fast moving entrepreneurial firms. We are experienced in rapidly responding and coordinating a cadre of highly trained and professionally qualified senior executive coaches, with extensive corporate executive backgrounds on behalf of your organization . . . no matter where your operations are located throughout the world.

We create a powerful alliance with your internal corporate coaching sponsor(s), partnering and working closely together to manage and assess the success of each of your coaching initiatives . . . be they individual, group or team initiatives, maintaining a high quality of coaching service delivery, while developing communication processes that assure absolute confidentiality.

R. W. Benwick Associates strives for a strong coaching alliance with you and your organization that reflects our corporate coaching collaboration model with an emphasis on:

  • Assuring clear coaching initiative goals with executive commitment and support
  • Establishing specific metrics for coaching initiative success
  • Maintaining frequency of RWBA Lead Coach/Organization Sponsor communications
  • Understanding your organization's culture - "the way we do things around here"
  • Establishing and maintaining complete confidentiality - a cornerstone of our coaching service
  • Providing you with high-level thematic and trend feedback

Leading bench-mark client organization that we work with have demonstrated that coaching has an enormous positive impact on performance, quality, organizational robustness, customer service delivery and the retention of top talent.

R. W. Benwick Associates is excited about the opportunity to explore and develop the opportunity to partner with you and be fully in service of your organization's  achieving strategic advantage.


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