Coaching Delivery

There are a variety of ways your R. W. Benwick Associates coach can deliver coaching to you. The most common is the highly convenient weekly phone call, often a fifty-minute conversation, with you calling your R. W. Benwick Associates coach. It is compact, efficient, timely, and frequent enough, at weekly intervals, for you to maintain that all important momentum. The number and extent of these coaching meetings can be changed to meet the time requirements of each client. This typically follows two two-hour intake and situation appraisal meetings.

Customized coaching services are the result of powerful corporate client alliances and are now available to your organization and its executives.   

There are alternate modes of coaching you may consider to better meet your specific needs, including:

  • Tele-coaching
  • Face-to-face coaching
  • Internet based coaching
  • Fax supported coaching
  • Group and team coaching

The coaching environment provided allows you to grow, change, fall, and rise again - with a focus on learning and fully informing you in order for you to make those important work and life decisions at your discretion. The coaching space is designed exclusively for you. It is your own customized workshop focused entirely on your professional and personal goals and aspirations. You will come to this place on a regular basis with no other purpose than your own growth, advancement, success and fulfillment.


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