Executive Coaching

Your R. W. Benwick Associates Executive Coach uses a co-active coaching process that is highly consultative and supportive. This process holds you naturally creative, resourceful and whole and addresses your whole life. The coaching agenda comes from you. The relationship between you and your R. W. Benwick Associates Executive Coach is a mutually designed relationship.

Your R. W. Benwick Associates Executive Coach uses a co-active coaching process that is highly consultative and supportive.   

The product of the work you and your personal coach do together is:

  1. Action Oriented - forwarding the action you set;
  2. Growth and Learning Focused - generating new resourcefulness, expanding possibilities, and strengthening your change muscles
  3. Creating Sustainable Change - developing more personal and professional effectiveness.

Strategic Rationale for Executive Coaching

The primary reasons for using an R. W. Benwick Associates Executive Coach include some of the following:

  • Accelerated Leadership Transition Coaching
  • Leader-As-Coach: Coach Clinic Training
  • Strategic Leadership Development Coaching
  • Strategic Change Coaching
  • High-Potential Coaching
  • Succession Coaching
  • Leadership Team and Group Coaching
  • Employee Derailment Coaching
  • Stress Management Coaching
  • Human Resource Readiness/Succession Planning Coaching Support
  • Career Choice and Transition Coaching
  • Sounding Board and Confidante Coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching


  • advanced understanding of change and transition management
  • sound familiarity with the executive's world
  • strong concern for both the bottom and top line
  • deep understanding of leadership
  • current knowledge of leadership development
  • advanced knowledge of systems dynamics
  • in-depth knowledge of adult development
  • high standards of personal and professional ethics
  • proficient interpersonal communication in the business climate
  • advanced executive coaching skills and capabilities
  • professional coaching stature and reputation
  • a commitment of lifelong learning similar to you - the leader

The Payoff - for You The Individual

  • sustaining behavioral change
  • enhancing leadership capability
  • developing of stronger management practices
  • leveraging existing strengths
  • improving job performance and satisfaction
  • improving relationships with colleagues, direct reports, boss and other significant stakeholders
  • increasing control over your own career path
  • receiving support for attainment of desired results
  • increasing life and career balance and fulfillment
  • achieving healthy balance between work and personal life
  • successfully moving forward through difficult work and life issues
  • increasing your sense of significance, competence, and likeability
  • having the support of an executive coach that truly cares and holds you fully capable

The Payoff - for The Sponsoring Organization

  • retention of valuable key employees
  • reduction of turnover of key employees and associated costs
  • improved interdepartmental cooperation
  • improved morale and key employee attitudes
  • increased performance
  • achievement of measurable objectives such as bottom and top lines
  • helping key employees and executives adapt to and lead critical change initiatives
  • enhanced organizational performance and effectiveness
  • improved communication between leaders and their teams
  • have the support of an executive coaching firm that truly cares for and supports the organization's long term success

A Powerful Relationship

R. W. Benwick Associates Executive Coaching produces a powerful relationship for helping the organization's key people make important changes that increase individual and organization success.

Corporate clients represent the full spectrum of industries, occupations and organization levels: CEOs, senior and mid-level managers, high-potentials, supervisors, key staff and line personnel, designated hi-potentials, senior personnel just entering the organization, as well as entrepreneurs. The job itself is often just a small part of one's reason for seeking executive coaching.

You can count on your R. W. Benwick Associates Executive Coach to:

  • hold you accountable and keep you moving toward your dreams and goals
  • provide occupational coaching support no matter the field
  • be totally curious about your dreams and aspirations - work and life
  • motivate you and move you to action when you are stuck
  • be as committed as you to what you want in work and life
  • tell you the absolute truth
  • listen to you without judgment and completely allow you to be yourself
  • accept you without analyzing you
  • treat all communication with absolute confidentiality


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