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R. W. Benwick Associates provides two primary areas of robust coaching services that fully support the executive, leader, manager and high-potential contributor depending on your coaching needs. These are executive coaching services and custom coaching services.

Executive Coaching Services

This involves a highly co-active, one-on-one, mutually designed coaching relationship between your professional R. W. Benwick Associates Coach and you, a key leader, who has an important and influential position within the organization.

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executive coaching information.

These relationships occur in areas of business, government, not-for-profit, and educational organizations where there are multiple stakeholders and an R. W. Benwick Associates Coach is sponsored. Organizational coaching is typically contracted by your organization for your benefit - someone accountable for highly complex decisions with a wide scope of impact on the organization, and perhaps your industry.

The focus of the coaching is typically on organizational performance and includes a personal component. The results produced from this relationship are observable and measurable, commensurate with the organization's needs for your performance and your expectations for increased life balance, fulfillment and success.

An advanced web-based learning system called TalentAccelerator is available  to support each client to translate learning and self-insight. This uniquely advanced learning system combines competency-based resources, readings, websites, podcasts, and other resources matched to a range of specific assessment instruments to enhance individual effectiveness.

Every organization differs in their strategic rationale for executive coaching services. The payoff for you the individual and the payoff for the organization will also vary depending on specific needs. R. W. Benwick Associates prides itself in what differentiates our executive coaching services and provides for a powerful relationship with the organization.

Custom Coaching Services

R. W. Benwick Associates coaches have over the years worked with a wide range of organizations with a diversity of unique coaching related needs. In response to these needs a number of customized coaching services have been designed to successfully address them.

Customized coaching services are the result of powerful corporate client alliances and are now available to your organization and its executives.   

The following customized coaching services are the result of these powerful corporate client alliances and are available to your organization and its executives, managers and high-potential contributors. These, as well, will be further customized to meet your organization's specific requirements.

Corporate Centered Coaching Alliance

Partnering with Corporate Clients to fully support positive impact on individual, team and system wide performance, quality, organizational robustness, customer service delivery and the retention of top talent.

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Stakeholder Centered Leadership Coaching

Clients include 200 of the top CEOs and C-Suite Executives of the Fortune 500 Firms worldwide! Based on the powerful principles and practices of one of the most well respected leadership thinkers in the world, Marshall Goldsmith.

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Exclusive Group Coaching

Are you one of the few who are ready to join a select group of like-minded executives, managers, and professionals who truly want to integrate and take their careers and lives to more meaningful, successful and fulfilled levels?

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Accelerated Leadership Transition Coaching

Given that over 50% of senior players leave their positions within 2 years of being hired, do you want to assure your organization's investment in and the success of newly hired leaders, newly promoted leaders or hi-potentials, or an employee reporting to a new boss?

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Real-Time Leadership Coaching

Marshal Goldsmith and Howard Morgan claim, "For most leaders the great challenge is not in understanding the practice of leadership, but rather practicing their understanding of leadership." Do you want to substantively strengthen your executives', managers' and hi-potentials' leadership behaviours with key stakeholders, assuring their and the organization's future success with an ROI up to 8.9 to 1?

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Accelerated Leadership 360 Coaching

Given a related ROI of up to 700%, would a powerful on-line 360 assessment process focused on enhancing the current performance and strengths of your executives, managers and hi-potentials supported by strong executive coaching and an on-line talent accelerator system be a key organization objective?

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Powerful Career Choice Coaching

When your key people--high-potentials---are at a crossroads in their careers, and it is critical that you retain and develop them, would supporting them with career planning that helps them realize their aspirations and discover true options be critical to their and the organization's future success?

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High Contribution Leadership Team Coaching

If 93% of participants indicated that the team coaching initiative represented an excellent investment of your organization's resources with a direct payoff being increased executive, management or project teams' depth of alliance, member engagement, substantively increased performance and high contribution, would this be worthwhile?

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Leader-As-Coach: Coach Clinic© Training

70% of organizations see coaching as the best way to boost high flyers' performance. Are you wanting to move your leadership culture from telling to asking---a coaching culture, with an emphasis on enhancing communication and interpersonal skills, improving employee performance & effectiveness and/or positioning the organization for rapid growth?

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Career Transition & Navigation Coaching

Is minimizing related outplacement costs, reducing related liabilities and assuring survivor confidence in letting people go from your organization important? To this end, is assuring the smooth transition of a departing executive, manager or senior individual contributor imperative?

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EQ in Leadership Coaching

Knowing that less than 30% of leadership performance is due to expertise and IQ, and 70% or more is due to leaders' emotional intelligence, would the development of the executives', managers' or hi-potentials' self-awareness/ regulation, empathy and range of leadership relationship strategies be a key objective?

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